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Grandma's Hands

This monthly class allows us to tap into the therapeutic benefits of craft, while at the same time layering more meaning into our daily lives through the medicines, garments, objects- and community!- we create.

Using our hands the way our grandmothers did- and their grandmother's grandmothers- awakens bone-deep memories of resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. 

In this time of technological outsourcing, returning to human-scale productivity is in itself a radical healing act.


Wild Wellness
F A L L   S C H E D U L E

Saturday | 9am

September • 10
-The Threshold-
Fall Equinox and expanding the nervous system to hold opposites without conflict.

October • 08
-Witches and Monsters-
Unwinding the myth of wickedness and the spell of 'goodness' that keep us divorced from our power.

November• 05
-Living Funeral-
A dress rehearsal: face the greatest fear in a safe, supportive + empowering environment.

W I N T E R   S C H E D U L E
Coming Soon


Grandma's Hands
F A L L   S C H E D U L E

Saturday | 9am

September • 24
-Welcome to the Dark-
Sacred, symbolic embroidery to mark the Dark Half of the year. Use as an altar cloth or scarf.

October • 22
-The Wild Self-
With foraged materials, create a ceremonial mask that lets you inhabit a more powerful self

November• 19
-Winter Wellness-

 Create an 'oracle deck' of warming self-care practices to carry you through winter.

W I N T E R   S C H E D U L E
Coming Soon


Humans aren't consumers.


Humans are meaning-seekers who've been reduced to consuming in a society where they've been cut off

from real meaning. Consumerism is a coping mechanism; a consolation prize.


Instead of attacking the symptom- consumerism- heal the root of the problem by restoring meaning

and consumption will lose its hold.

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