P R I V A T E   S E S S I O N S

I ally myself with all that I resist and thus become whole.

•Susun Weed•


What's the biggest obstacle to your physical/ mental/ emotional wellness?


Conventional wisdom says that it's you- your mindset, your habits. I disagree.


While your mindset and habits make a huge difference, the biggest obstacle to your wellness

is the system you're seeking wellness within;  one which seems increasingly hostile

to health and happiness.


This system- the paradigm of force and power-over we're born into- gives us two general choices for survival: adopt or accommodate. We can either become the dominator or the dominated.


Most of us fluctuate between the two, adopting different roles depending on the situation or our own life stage. But whatever our relationship to these two extremes, they cripple our full expression as human beings and damage our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 

This paradigm is so omnipresent, it's easy to forget (or to simply never learn in the first place) just how young it is......

There is another way. A better way.


For most of human history, we lived in a very different way: one of wild reverence and innate reciprocity; responsive to the rhythms, cycles, and elements of the Earth; and cognizant of our part within the balance of it all.


This is the paradigm that humanity evolved in and around- we are biologically designed to live this way. By contrast, our current lifestyles are an almost constant attack.


So what can be done?

Rather than adapting to (and perpetuating) a system that is hostile to Nature and humanity, we can restore our missing connections and breathe life into the parts of ourselves that have had to be silent to survive.  

When we strengthen the parts of ourselves that have gone dormant, everything else in our lives responds. 


I believe we’re at a transitional point in history where people

are recognizing that modern societies have abandoned many of the fundamental elements required for optimal human mental health.

•Bruce D. Perry•

You're suffering because you are in fact a wild, cyclical, sensitive ecosystem, but you treat yourself like a

machine because it's all you've ever been shown.

You are designed to play like wind, burn like stars, wax and wane like the moon and seas, take up space like mountains, shed like a snake, sing like a wolf, and embody all of the staggering variety of possibility that Nature models.

But your belonging has been hidden from you.


For many generations now, our society has glorified a mechanistic model where an ideal (which often doesn’t even exist in nature) is identified and then a path (which may be equally imaginary) is outlined to reach that ideal.


If the end-goal isn't achieved, it's always the fault of the individual who wasn't persistent enough, strong enough, focused enough. It's never that the goal was unrealistic in the first place. 


This mechanistic model and the resulting shame has twisted our relationships to beauty, parenting, health, education, agriculture, productivity and especially to ourselves. 

When we stop accepting these twisted standards and move back into deep relationship with Nature,

we disrupt the system at its roots and begin to heal from the ground up.

This isn't about blaming the world for our problems- it's identifying and acknowledging how the system has negatively affected us and then taking responsibility for correcting these imbalances

in ourselves, and in the process becoming more whole and happy.

When we restore our wholeness, we become part of the ancient paradigm of reciprocity and wonder and perpetuate its growth in our community.

In my one on one work with clients, we begin with relationship

and the nervous system and build up from there.

This involves:

• plant medicine

• art therapy

• somatic practices

• Nature based ritual/ reverence practices

• guided meditations

• getting to know each other

The first steps in this process are the 30 minute discovery call- to see if we 'click'-

and then the 90 minute initial consult where our work really begins.

From here- whether your troubles are physical, emotional or mental-

we begin the process of disentangling from the counter-productive programming we've been raised in and reweaving the wild, biological imperatives that our bodies and spirits need.

This is where we get into:

• history (yours and your lineage's)

• lunar and solar rhythms

• movement

• yin/yang and the four elements

• empathy and narcissism

• empowerment

• relationships

• womb wisdom

• reparenting

& more from the list above.

Many of my clients are just relieved to be able to 

process their feelings and experiences

in a deeply validating setting and take advantage

of a point of view that isn't rooted in 'the system'.

I don't treat pathologies or diagnoses-

I guide people in rebuilding themselves from the ground up.

Tropical Plant

In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

•Eric Hoffer•



I spent over a year researching and reaching out to mental health professionals in search of someone to talk with to work through some of the stuff I’m overcoming. I kept hitting road blocks and I should have taken them as a sign.

I realized that my values didn’t align with Western Medicine anyway and the answer I was seeking was in my insta feed the whole time!


I’ve been working with Olivia for over a season and it's been so helpful for better understanding myself and the relationships around me. I started with one of her classes where she demonstrated how much knowledge she has to share and her private sessions provide an opportunity to dive deep into the murky waters of the self.  


She’s a safe harbor, I’m grateful that she has crossed my path and serves as my teacher during this phase of life.

• Maisha C •

I am so grateful for Olivia's unique offerings and the way she holds space for us to remember.


She makes the simple and accessible profound and healing.

• Sheerlie R •

Thank you you for bringing this to the world. 

So much of what you shared with my daughter is aligned with how we live AND hearing it from you, and her having her own experience with you was powerful for her.


Your energy and the tone was also aligned for her and how she was able to integrate it.

I am grateful for YOU!

• Jules D •

When the world can feel overwhelming, I am beyond grateful that Olivia is in it!


Her vision of the world coupled with her life experience feels like an ancient wisdom that brings me back to the roots I had lost of my life journey.


Her teachings have truly helped me find balance and calm that I utilize now in my daily life.

• Amee F •

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About Me

• reverent about Nature- irreverent about almost everything else


• 2 years of plant medicine and Earth stewardship under Marysia Miernowska

at the Gaia School of Healing

• 13 years of motherhood: 7 of it in an abusive marriage & 6 of it on my own

• Innate Postpartum Care with Rachelle Garcia Seliga

• 8 years of unschooling my daughter

• 6 years of sharing moon mysteries and plant magic with women and girls

 40+ years of knowing that something's deeply wrong in our world

and trying to figure out how to heal it

Special Skills

• awkward tree selfies


• dirt under my fingernails

• intimate knowledge of the underworld

• the boundless compassion and dark humor of someone

who's spent years in the underworld

• x-ray vision for narcissists (and also pity, but also boundaries)

• rough around the edges because perfection is not part of Nature



Doctors study what man has learned.

I pray to understand what man has forgotten.

•Vernon Cooper, Lumbee elder•

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