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P R I V A T E   S E S S I O N S

I ally myself with all that I resist and thus become whole.

•Susun Weed•

Everything in your life is medicine.


Everything is an invitation.


Any symptom or discomfort you experience- illness, fatigue, despair, limiting beliefs, dissociation, menstrual issues, conflict, trauma, etc-

any issues at all are just invitations to the places within that want

your attention, shining light on where change is needed.

My work is to help you approach these invitations in a way that creates the most harmony and least imbalance for your body, mind, and spirit.

What to expect:

Most of my clients gravitate towards conversational, insight sessions,

with specific therapies brought in as desired.

For those preferring more hands-on work, I have a menu of services below that are activity-based and some- like craft or art therapy- that meld the two. 

Pricing below is for zoom or telephone sessions.

House calls are available in NELA for an additional $50/session.

 How to get started: 


Choose an open-ended single session or a pre-designed package.

*Please note: the available times in this booking service are not always accurate.


You can book this way and I'll contact you to either confirm or reschedule


reach out to and I'll help you personally.*

O P E N - E N D E D   S E S S I O N S

• To begin an ongoing relationship, it is recommended to start with the Intake Consultation •


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