P R I V A T E   S E S S I O N S

I ally myself with all that I resist and thus become whole.

•Susun Weed•

Is your life guiding you towards transformation?


Dead ends, health crises, relationship difficulties, emotional overwhelm, and big, frightening transitions- all of these places that are considered failures or breakdowns in our society are in fact invitations.


They are Life's way of insisting we slow down and reassess.

Sometimes, nothing you've been taught works for you anymore. The virtuous behaviors don't bring the promised results, the emotions you've choked down for decades start to clamor for release, the life force of your long-enduring body begins to dwindle.


Your life is asking for a completely different approach.

Wellness- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual- is a product of balance.

Everything we could ever want to learn about balance,

is taught by Nature.

We've just forgotten the language.




The cycles of the moon and seasons, the ebb and flow of elements and energies-

these original sciences enabled humans of every continent to thrive for many millennia before the birth of modern science.


The human body and spirit have changed little since then.

When you re-enter Nature's rhythm, you will be astounded

at the well-being that's just been waiting for you there.

Shades of White Stone

in this practice, there is almost no  distinction between physical, mental, emotional & spiritual needs.

Here, we take the pieces of ourselves that have been divided into different specialities and we fuse them back together into one whole.

If you want to go deeper more quickly, then private sessions are for you.


By integrating multiple facets wellness, while also untangling underlying societal conditioning, you will save much time and frustration as you move steadily towards vital wholeness.

Whatever challenges you face, we will begin with where you are right now and move wholistically from there- incorporating nervous system healing, plant medicine, chakra work, movement, the energies of the time of year and your time of life, emotional release, and other practices selected and designed to nourish and support your innate self, innate resilience and innate purpose.

Below are a few structured journeys that are therapeutic for just about everybody, as well as the option to choose your own adventure by purchasing hours in blocks of 4.

Email Olivia@DaughtersOfDaughters.com to set up a 30 minute discovery call and we'll find out if we're the right fit.

Nature is inherently healing. Let me say that again:

Nature. Is. Inherently. Healing.

Whatever our troubles, Nature is always carrying us towards wholeness.

Through the seasons of life and of each year, the cycles of the moon


The problem is when we are ignorant of Nature's cycles and we impede her process. 

Wellness isn't supposed to be a arduous or lonely, but a celebration of life. 

Health isn't a sterile, regimented attack on symptoms, but a process of learning more and more about what you, as a unique organism, need to thrive.

If this sounds odd to you, it's because this thinking is contrary to standard modern procedure. 

why me

In my experience, tackling symptoms alone is the greatest waste of time. Symptoms are merely the tip of the iceberg- the foundations of those symptoms are the massive part under the water. Until you deal with the foundation, there will always be new, seemingly 'unrelated' symptoms. 

After the birth of my child, my health declined steeply. Like most people, I embarked on a journey to make the pain (symptoms) stop. 

That journey ended in the office of an integrative therapist, with an IV in my arm pumping me full of one kind of chemical to get rid of another kind of chemical. I felt lousy and my body pulled rank on my brain and just said: No. This isn't healing. Not like this.

From there, I was fortunate to have a brief experience learning from the renowned Chumash medicine woman Cecilia Garcia, who has since crossed over, followed by two years of studying Earth Medicine with Marysia Miernowska and then an intensive program with Rachelle Garcia-Seliga focused on the wonder of the female body.

+ a new perspective: the Yin and Yang of wellness/ masculine feminine

+ The Yin and Yang of life/ masculine feminine

+ your dosha

+ stress and the nervous system

+ cravings

+ circulation

+ digestion

+ ‘immunity’

+ where energy comes from

+ modern vs ancient medicine

+ why the power-over model of healing is damaging to health

+ yin chakras

+ yang chakras

+ hormones

+ golden windows

+ nutritious movement

for/ not for