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In our times of rapid change and progress, aging can be a process of becoming steadily more obsolete. 

What does it mean to be 'elder' if the younger generations are focused on new iterations of technology or culture that you are 'out of touch' with?

It doesn't seem possible that a wise elder is one who keeps up with the latest fads.

It isn't possible. 

A wise elder is one who is connected to the timeless and unchanging, a voice from the other side, who has seen so many fads and knows their flimsiness. 

In this course, we'll reorient ourselves with what our broken society needs in elders and how we can personify that. We will set ourselves challenges to prove our strengths (the timeless ones) and to commemorate our growth, we will embroider a Crossing Shawl, a sacred garment that signifies our status.

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