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Somatic Guided Drawing • Tuesdays

Leave your stress on the page and set yourself free

  • 25 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

In the space of an hour, using just paper and crayons, you can experience a transformative emotional release that benefits your total mental and physical well-being. And you can do it from your own home or on your lunch break at work. Old emotions dwell in your body, affecting the circulation (and stagnation) of energy throughout, causing ripple effects for your overall health. These emotions- many of which won’t even have memories attached- need support in order to be discharged. Somatic Guided Drawing is a gentle, effective, and incredibly satisfying way to do this. What to expect: • The session begins with a brief explanation of the process. Please be on time! • Your camera can be on or off, facing you or angled over your paper. • With a grounding meditation, we'll shift into our bodies and let them take the lead. • In closing, each person will 'translate' their drawings and, if called to, share with the group. What you'll need: • Large scale paper, 18"x24" or larger. Each session will require 3+ sheets of paper. • Tape to attach the paper to a table or floor. • Two matching sets of crayons. If the crayons are paper-wrapped, you'll want to remove the paper beforehand. When you register, I'll send more information, as well as links to products I like. FAQs Will this benefit me? Nothing works for everybody, of course, but most people have been stunned by how effective it is and that they’ve never heard of this modality before! Stress is an epidemic in our society and it’s only getting worse. Practicing consistent 'nervous system hygiene' is necessary to process everything we're exposed to. Is this an art class? Do I need to be artistic? This is a group therapy session, not a class. You won’t be learning any techniques and there’s no right or wrong way to do any of it. In fact, I strongly recommend keeping your eyes closed. It tends to be the most artistic people who have the hardest time getting out of their heads and into their bodies. If this is you, a blindfold can really help you to completely release what your drawing looks like and focus on what you’re feeling. So it’s art therapy? Not quite! In art therapy, you’re taking memories, thoughts, ideas, etc. and filtering them through the mind, thinking about how you want to portray them. In Somatic Guided Drawing, we avoid the mind (as much as possible) and let the body communicate, unedited. Questions? Email me here:

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Cancellation Policy

To be refunded for private or group sessions, rescheduling requests or cancellations must be received at least 24 hrs ahead of your scheduled appointment. For the refund policies for other programs, please see the details on their information pages. Thank you!

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