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In a world where your nervous system is under constant attack,
the quality of emotional support you have affects
your outlook, your productivity, your sense of self,
your relationships- pretty much everything.

These trauma-informed zoom group-sessions are an
accessible and effective addition to your support network.

Join a session, clear some of your interior clutter, and return
to your regular life with more clarity and less reactivity.

Express your emotions and let them go.

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Unexpressed emotions will never die.
They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.

• Sigmund Freud •

Group Sessions

What is Somatic Guided Drawing?

Somatic Guided Drawing is a therapy designed to release stored emotional energy
without tapping into any associated memories.

Unlike talk therapy or art therapy, where your feelings are processed through the brain into the form of thoughts or ideas, this somatic (ie body-based) therapy gets deep results quickly by avoiding the brain and getting right into the body where old emotions and traumas are stored.

Other somatic therapies help you to get in touch with the sensations of your body or to reroute the associations between your body and mind- Somatic Guided Drawing gives you the unique experience of letting your body speak for itself and release immense loads of
anger, grief, fear, etc. that you've been carrying for decades in a way that feels
unusually safe and gentle.

Most participants report feeling markedly lighter and clearer after a session.

How Does it Work?

Somatic work like this is where the scientific intersects with the mystical.
The bulk of each session unfolds in a meditative state, with eyes closed or even blindfolded,
as your hands 'channel' information from your body onto your paper.

We begin by establishing a sense of grounded, nurturing safety, and from there
scan the body to find what needs to be processed. 

The drawings themselves aren't the focus, so much as the rhythmic, bi-lateral movements of creating the drawings. However, when you're done you'll have a powerful, tangible
representation of your intangible inner landscape.

I will guide you throughout the hour, though as this is an exercise in deepening your relationship with your body, you're invited to follow your own impulses.

For many people, privacy is an important element of feeling safe. If this is you, I recommend positioning your camera above you so that only your hands and paper are visible.

You can also have your camera off entirely, but being able to see how you're moving
improves my ability to guide.

At the end of each session, there's an opportunity to share your drawings and experience.
There's zero pressure to share, but having your process witnessed by the group can create
a kind of full-circle closure that adds another layer of magic.


Q. Is this an art class?

A. Emphatically not! This is a therapy- the end result is incidental to the relief you feel at the end of a session. No artistic skill is needed and in fact, the people who do have artistic inclinations find they benefit from wearing a blindfold because looking at their paper will
pull them out of their body and into their head.

Q. Are these sessions recorded?

A. This is a safe, private space so I do not record these. If the timing doesn't work for you
or you want ultimate privacy, I also offer 1:1 sessions specifically for SGD.

Q. What supplies do I need?

A. Glad you asked! Here's a list:

• At least three sheets of large paper. Pieces of butcher paper are great,
or from a pad that's 11"x14" or larger. You need plenty of room to move.

Two sets of crayons or pastels. You don't need a lot of colors- 8 is plenty-
but you do want to have two of each color- one for each hand.

A flat surface and tape to attach your paper to it. The surface can be a floor or table-
wherever you feel comfortable. The tape is more important than you might think,
as you'll be less distracted and have more freedom of movement when you don't
have to worry about the paper shifting.

Q. When will I get a zoom link?

A. You'll get an email with the zoom link at least two days before the session.

Q. What's your refund policy?

A. For group sessions, you're eligible for a full* refund until registration
for your session closes- two days before the session date.

* There's a $5 processing fee, based on the charges from PayPal and my web hosting platform.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to:


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