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Supplies needed:

• fresh and dried herbs. I suggest some or all of the following, but follow your instincts for herbs that are fragrant and edible. lavender, sages, mint, jasmine, chamomile, calendula, rose petals

• essential oils (same guidelines as above)

• epsom salts

• coconut oil

• honey

• bowl and spoon

• assorted jars

• a small spray bottle

• possible grocery store items to be determined by campers (ie avocado, yogurt, turmeric, etc)

• might need to use the blender once or twice!

• a small piece of soft fabric (about 6"x6") for the offering pouch

• needle, embroidery floss and fabric scissors

• yarn or string

If we come up with new project ideas during camp, I'll make sure any additional supplies are readily accessible!

magical being
virtual camp

July 05- July 09  |  9am- 2pm pacific time

Ages 10+  |  $300  |  12 spaces

In Magical Being, we will take a deep dive into our Selves and the comfort and healing that Nature so generously offers us. Every day we will be making herbal foot baths, masks, scrubs, mists and adornment. We will also sew and embroider an offering pouch to remind us of our reciprocal relationship with Nature.

In addition to the multiple projects above, camp days are full of games, movement, oracle cards and sacred space, all rooted in emotional intelligence and reverence for Life and the Earth. 

My teaching style has developed over 7 years as a Waldorf unschooling parent and teacher to other homeschoolers: wonder with a healthy dose of irreverence.

I encourage kids to play, to respectfully question authority and to celebrate their 'mistakes'.

I wholly agree with George Bernard Shaw that "What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child."


Please note that each day campers will close out of their computers for an hour from noon-1 for lunch. 


After registration, you will receive an email with the zoom link for each week of camp you enroll in.


The week before camp begins, I'll send out a reminder along with any last-minute updates.




Full payment is due at the time of enrollment, which includes an $80 nonrefundable deposit. All cancellations made more than 20 days prior to camp start date may receive a refund minus the $80 nonrefundable deposit. 

Cancellations made within 20 days of the camp start date are NONREFUNDABLE.

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