White Flowers

Our future depends
on re-connecting
to our ancient,
collective past.

Wheat Field

This world is hard on dreamers and feelers.
This world is hardest on the ones it needs the most.

I'm Olivia.

All of my work- from private counseling to group sessions and classes- centers around empowering you to feel more strong and safe in this world.

Even my kids programs are created with the objective that they'll never become disconnected from their power in the first place (as we did)- and if that does happen they'll know how to find their way back.


My adult clients are the empaths, introverts, co-dependents, abuse survivors, children of alcoholics and narcissists, recovering good girls- all of us who were told that our willingness to take up less space, to be less emotional, to give more and expect less, would be its own reward.

We were scammed, obviously.
And since you're here, you're probably looking to heal from that twisted contract.

Using nature-based practices, somatic work, re-parenting, plant medicine, talk therapy, and more, I'll help you find your way back to the wild, free power that's still very much alive within you.

The captivity of disempowerment will keep you apart from your purpose and your joy until you're ready to dive in deep and find the core truths that have been buried alive.

Your emotional body- your nervous system and your story- are the portals to the radical change you deserve.

I'll show you how.


Now enrolling for fall '22!

Start here...

Private Sessions

For the deepest, most transformative work, jump in with both feet and sign up for private sessions with me. Here we'll disentangle your wild self and free her from the core beliefs, too-comfortable patterns, and trapped emotions that are holding her down. 

Via Zoom.


Group Sessions

Consistent nervous system hygiene is a must in the dysregulating onslaught of today's world. These weekly sessions make it easy to reorient yourself from your home or office and return to your day with more clarity and space. 

Via zoom.


Adult Classes

These special monthly offerings alternate between craft-based classes where you'll learn the slow, satisfying handwork familiar to most of our ancestors and classes where we explore our 'inner space' and learn tools to sustain us.

Via zoom.


You've been disconnected

.... from your innate resilience, your wild power, your cyclical wisdom. 

The things you need most in turbulent times.

Your strength has been hidden under a story of frailty and dependence- now it's time for that story to change.

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 12.45.34 PM.jpg

Your struggles
are an invitation

Accept this invitation and they'll guide you back to that vitality and spirit that have been hidden so long. 

Whether your pain is physical, emotional or spiritual- your answers are on the other side. 

My work is to help you get there.


what clients say

I spent over a year researching and reaching out to mental health professionals in search of someone to talk with to work through some of the stuff I’m overcoming. I kept hitting road blocks and I should have taken them as a sign.

I realized that my values didn’t align with Western Medicine anyway and the answer I was seeking was in my insta feed the whole time!


I’ve been working with Olivia for over a season and it's been so helpful for better understanding myself and the relationships around me. I started with one of her classes where she demonstrated how much knowledge she has to share and her private sessions provide an opportunity to dive deep into the murky waters of the self.  


She’s a safe harbor, I’m grateful that she has crossed my path and serves as my teacher during this phase of life.

• Maisha C •

I am so grateful for Olivia's unique offerings and the way she holds space for us to remember.


She makes the simple and accessible profound and healing.

• Sheerlie R •

Thank you you for bringing this to the world. 

So much of what you shared with my daughter is aligned with how we live AND hearing it from you, and her having her own experience with you was powerful for her.


Your energy and the tone was also aligned for her and how she was able to integrate it.

I am grateful for YOU!

• Jules D •

When the world can feel overwhelming, I am beyond grateful that Olivia is in it!


Her vision of the world coupled with her life experience feels like an ancient wisdom that brings me back to the roots I had lost of my life journey.


Her teachings have truly helped me find balance and calm that I utilize now in my daily life.

• Amee F •