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Hi. I'm Olivia.

Psychospiritual counselor, nervous system guide and nature therapist.

I help women find the ground beneath their feet and access their innate, wild power.

Knowing that you were born for difficult times is one thing.

Having the support you need to stay grounded, strong, and clear in the midst of massive upheaval is another.  

Whether that upheaval is personal, societal, or both- I'll help you cut an empowered path from where you are now to where you want to be.





Find peace & balance
with plant medicine, therapies,
& radical self-acceptance

Restore your sense of belonging to the natural, healing order
of the wild world

Let go of societal ideas that keep you small, wounded & disempowered.


The modern world is increasingly hostile to natural, complex, messy, organic human life. 

This leaves natural, complex, messy, organic humans like you feeling like something must be wrong with them, whether it's their physical health, mental/emotional, or just that persistent feeling of

missing something meaningful, something profound.

Popular messaging- even with the purest of intentions- reinforces this insecurity,

telling you what you need to 'just stop' or 'just start' doing in order to find peace. They leave out the part about how we're living in a pressure cooker of inflation, division, toxins, trauma, and much more.

I object.

• I believe that your body, mind, and spirit are ALWAYS trying to lead you to what you need.  


• I believe that the things we call 'bad' are completely natural reactions to a highly unnatural society.


• I believe that healing comes from tending to and learning from these challenging states,

rather than rejecting them outright.


As Clarissa Pinkola Estes says:

'Be careful when you cast out devils that you aren't casting out the best part of yourself.


This is wholeness.

Wholeness comes from Nature, from the intuitive and meaningful ways of our distant ancestors,

from the enduring lessons of our plant & animal elders, from the phases of the moon and earth.


Disconnection and incongruence come from society and its promise of a distant, glittering future

that we'll only get to if we deny and suppress half of ourselves.

If you're ready to choose wholeness, then I'm ready to help.

Start here...

Private Sessions

Private sessions give you tailored, ongoing support in exactly the way you need it, on a schedule that works
for you. 

Via Zoom


Group Sessions

These weekly somatic sessions make it easy
to practice good nervous system hygiene. 

Via zoom



My clients are the empaths, introverts, co-dependents, abuse survivors, outsiders, and recovering good girls- all of us who were taught to mince our words, be less emotional, give more and expect less....

And now we have fried nervous systems, insomnia, chronic depletion, suppressed immune systems, depression, anxiety, hormone imbalances, etc.

I don't believe in drawing lines between different aspects of wellness....

The meek shall inherit the Earth and all that.

That's not quite how it turned out, is it? Yet those contracts have shaped how we think, feel- even how we physically move.

It's time to rip them up and burn them. Let's turn them into compost to grow the You that they hoped they'd never have to deal with.

Here are some of my tools:
• somatic work
• re-parenting
• art therapy
• craft therapy
• dream interpretation
• plant medicine
• healing meditations
• trauma interventions
• nature-based rituals
• rites of passage
• and more....

Most important of all, this work takes place within  a container of deep compassion, trust, and acceptance. It happens within relationship.

That's the magic.

Book a 60 or 90 minute session to get started on your way back to the wild, free power that's burning within you.


Start here...

Private Sessions

Private sessions give you tailored, ongoing support in exactly
the way you need it, on a schedule that works for you. 

Via Zoom


Group Sessions

These weekly somatic sessions make it easy
to practice good nervous system hygiene. 

Via zoom



what clients say

I spent over a year researching and reaching out to mental health professionals in search of someone to talk with to work through some of the stuff I’m overcoming. I kept hitting road blocks and I should have taken them as a sign.

I realized that my values didn’t align with Western Medicine anyway and the answer I was seeking was in my insta feed the whole time!


I’ve been working with Olivia for over a season and it's been so helpful for better understanding myself and the relationships around me. I started with one of her classes where she demonstrated how much knowledge she has to share and her private sessions provide an opportunity to dive deep into the murky waters of the self.  


She’s a safe harbor, I’m grateful that she has crossed my path and serves as my teacher during this phase of life.

• Maisha C •

I am so grateful for Olivia's unique offerings and the way she holds space for us to remember.


She makes the simple and accessible profound and healing.

• Sheerlie R •

Thank you you for bringing this to the world. 

So much of what you shared with my daughter is aligned with how we live AND hearing it from you, and her having her own experience with you was powerful for her.


Your energy and the tone was also aligned for her and how she was able to integrate it.

I am grateful for YOU!

• Jules D •

When the world can feel overwhelming, I am beyond grateful that Olivia is in it!


Her vision of the world coupled with her life experience feels like an ancient wisdom that brings me back to the roots I had lost of my life journey.


Her teachings have truly helped me find balance and calm that I utilize now in my daily life.

• Amee F •

You've been disconnected

.... from your innate resilience, your wild power, your cyclical wisdom. 

The things you need most in turbulent times.

Your strength has been hidden under a story of frailty and dependence- now it's time for that story to change.

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 12.45.34 PM.jpg

Your struggles
are an invitation

Accept this invitation and they'll guide you back to that vitality and spirit that have been hidden so long. 

Whether your pain is physical, emotional or spiritual- your answers are on the other side. 

My work is to help you get there.

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