Forest Aerial View

The world you're looking for- the sentient landscape where your intuition makes sense and your bones tell you you're home- is right under your nose.


Here you are restored to your rightful place as a microcosm of Nature, here you are valued for who you are and not what or how much you do, here the body and spirit are as cherished as much as the mind.



This is the world of your ancient ancestors, whose names you may never know, but who you're connected to in the same way that different parts of a river are connected by the water that runs through them both.


This is the river of daughters of daughters of daughters of daughters of daughters......

We're picking through the concrete and debris that have hidden the old ways from us and we're putting them back together,

re-membering our stories and knowledge.

We've been waiting for you- you're very welcome here.

Make your way home...

•Wellness within Nature•

Many of us, often without realizing it, try to heal in spite of Nature, or even in direct conflict with her. When you learn

the basics of the Wheel of the Year- the simple facts that most of your ancestors took for granted- it's simple to correct course and quit the self-sabotage.

•Childhood within Nature•

The Wheel of the Year creates a comforting container for children as well as parents.


The elements and energies at work in our universe make intuitive sense to kids and gives them a framework for understanding the world- a framework that is tangible, practical and rooted in all the best stuff of holidays, seasons, myths and crafts. 

•coming in September•

•Womanhood within Nature•

Every moon cycle contains four distinct season, just like the Wheel of the Year.


These are felt most acutely by women of menstruating age and learning their ebbs and flows is the path to long-term vitality.

•coming in September•

Hi. I'm Olivia.









•Abuse survivor

•Awkward selfietaker

I teach and coach about holistic, earth-centered wellness because


•it saved my life

•I don't think my daughter or her friends should have to wait until their 20s or 30s to figure out how it all works (like myself and most of my friends)

•because these teachings were common knowledge to out ancestors (no matter want continent they were on) and are too good to be hidden any longer

Daughters of Daughters began as a circle of mothers and daughters- singing, crafting, learning about the magic of Nature and our bodies,  all beneath the  veiling canopy of a gnarled grandmother pepper tree. 

With my own young daughter on my lap and a burning desire to empower her with all the magic and self-knowledge that I didn't have at her age (or until much, much later)  I realized that sharing ancient, grounded Earth medicine  was my medicine to give the world. 

From these roots, DoD has evolved into the simple-but-profound conviction that healing our connection to Nature is the most pragmatic route to healing our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental ailments.


From stress to menstrual pain, hormone imbalances to grief, overwhelm to lack of energy: when you go far enough beneath the surface, most  of the imbalances a person experiences share just a few common roots. Modern science likes to stay above ground, but our ancestors knew a more nuanced way.


Now this is my way, too: preaching the gospel of the healing powers of Nature in groups and private sessions. 

Close Up of Poppies

reclaim your birthrights:
wellness, resilience and power.