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Wheat Field

You aren't living
the life you deserve

Chronic stress and illness.
Difficult or even toxic relationships.
Dissociation, disconnection, depression.
Loneliness and aimlessness.

All of these are at epidemic proportions in our   self-proclaimed civilized, advanced, and enlightened society.

All share, to varying degrees, the same root cause:
Estrangement from who we really are and what we truly need to thrive.

Daughters of Daughters exists to help you find your way back.



I believe we’re at a transitional point in history where people are recognizing that modern societies have abandoned many of the fundamental elements required for optimal human mental health.


-Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD, The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog

You deserve so much more than this society offers.

You deserve...





So, how do you get from here to there?

It's not complicated, it's just been forgotten.

to feel at home and at ease in your body and mind

to know yourself as a microcosm of a beautiful world

to find beauty and wonder where others don't even look

to stand your sacred ground without dominating or being dominated

...Start here...

Hi. I'm Olivia.

I saw at a young age that I'd have to find my freedom and contentment outside of society's norms. Now I help others- mostly women- find theirs too.

I combine modern and ancient sciences, the healing principles of Nature, and education around society's toxic expectations to help people find equilibrium and expansion within situations that feel untenable.

Learn more here. 



What Clients Say

If you're on the fence, reach out immediately! Toss aside what you believe about traditional therapies and embrace all the different modalities that Olivia uses.

Working with her, I know how it feels to have someone on my side no matter what. She always validates my feelings, reminding me that they have a purpose, and helping me look into what that purpose might be.


I felt like our sessions were a safe space right off the bat. I also appreciate how she doesn't refrain from sharing her opinions and giving advice like traditional therapists do. She uses her life experience to support our sessions and that's been invaluable!

• Christy V •

You've been disconnected

.... from your innate resilience, your wild power, your cyclical wisdom. 

The things you need most in turbulent times.

Your strength has been buried under stories of frailty and dependence- now it's time for that story to change.

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 12.45.34 PM.jpg

Your struggles
are an invitation

Accept the invitation and they'll guide you back to that vitality and spirit that have been hidden so long. 

Whether your pain is physical, emotional or spiritual- your answers are on the other side. 

My work is to help you get there.

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