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You aren't living
the life you deserve

The life you deserve has been kept from you by a system that benefits from your trauma, exhaustion, and self-abandonment.

But wholeness and belonging- the life every earthling deserves- are still within reach, no matter how depleted or battered you feel.

With the right guidance, the most difficult experiences become the catalyst for the most radical healing- not through forced positivity, but through the transformative powers of deep self-acceptance.

This is what our pain is asking of us.

Your path to your most liberated and empowered self is encoded into your cells, your nervous system, and your deepest truths.

Working with me, you'll find your way back to yourself via:

- trauma and nervous system healing

- acceptance of all the parts society has conditioned you to deny

- exorcising the societal messages that hinder you

- writing a new contract with life from a place of clarity and self-respect

All the answers you need are already inside you.
My work is to help you find them and trust them.


Hi. I'm Olivia.

As far as I can gather, I came into this life to learn about edges- the edges of emotions, of society, of time and relationships and the mind.. the wild places where the society we live in and the world we belong to meet.

They say nature works harder at the edges and I can vouch for this.

Just as extra energy goes into the meeting places of forest and meadow, or of day and night, the thresholds navigated by the human spirit have far more power to teach and to heal than the smoother, steadier stretches of life.

I've been a student of these brink-places for most of my life- as the new kid over and over again in childhood, working and traveling when I was 'supposed to' go to college, getting myself into and out of an abusive relationship, homeschooling my daughter, studying herbalism and Ayurveda to heal myself outside of the system that had failed me, and finally becoming an unlicensed and unorthodox therapist for people who find themselves at the periphery of something/s in their own lives.

My clients struggle with grief or trauma, relationship challenges, issues with self-worth, and more- but I recognize them all as edges. Boundaries. Invitations, even. 

Because with the pain and confusion of every edge comes the opportunity to step into a new and unknown land.     

Coming Soon!


Six weeks of somatic work, nervous system recalibration, spiritual practices, tending to shame and grief, and so much more- all tailored to help you not just heal from abuse, but step into the most sovereign and unapologetic iteration of yourself.

The ultimate revenge against the person who tried to destroy you?

Using them as a launchpad to your most resilient, nourished,

boundaried, ferocious self.

The soft launch is coming very soon.

Stay tuned here or on my Substack.


And if you'd like to get on the list to test-drive the course at a discounted rate, email me here:

What Clients Say

Before I found Olivia, I had done some "clinical" talk therapy, which was foundationally helpful but still limited. I realized that I was looking for something more spiritually-minded, human-centric, and attuned to the natural order of the world.


Olivia offered me the perfect middle ground – a supportive space, where I could just talk, as well as a guiding hand for the more metaphysical aspects of the human experience.


Her alternative approaches to working through issues were refreshing and would stay with me for weeks after our sessions. She gave me tools I could use in my daily life, particularly in relation to staying grounded and connected. She has a knack for visualization and meditation techniques that most standard therapists wouldn't even bother with, and I found these to be hugely helpful.


Moreover, Olivia was instrumental in helping me work through an incredibly stressful period of my life that descended on me unexpectedly and she continues to be instrumental in supporting my deeper, shadowed elements (childhood wounding, womb health, motherhood, etc.).


I feel that no matter the topic, she always has a wise perspective up her sleeve that reminds me of my humanness, my uniqueness. As a bonus, she exudes a comforting, motherly energy, while staying easygoing and cheerful – and we always have a good laugh or two... :) Thank you Olivia! <3

• Tanya V •

Olivia worked with my teen daughter and held space for her when she felt so far from me.  It was so important and so soul opening to have someone in a state of calm, with so much motherly love, to hear and hold my daughter when felt like I couldn't reach her.


You have saved a life, Olivia, and I am eternally grateful.

• Martha Z•

I am so grateful for Olivia's unique offerings and the way she holds space for us to remember.


She makes the simple and accessible, profound and healing.

• Sheerlie R •

If you're on the fence, reach out immediately! Toss aside what you believe about traditional therapies and embrace all the different modalities that Olivia uses.

Working with her, I know how it feels to have someone on my side no matter what. She always validates my feelings, reminding me that they have a purpose, and helping me look into what that purpose might be.


I felt like our sessions were a safe space right off the bat. I also appreciate how she doesn't refrain from sharing her opinions and giving advice like traditional therapists do. She uses her life experience to support our sessions and that's been invaluable!

• Christy V •

Thank you for bringing your work to the world!

So much of what you shared with my daughter is aligned with how we live AND hearing it from you, and her having her own experience with you was powerful for her.

Your energy and the tone was also aligned for her and how she was able to integrate it.

I am grateful for YOU!

• Jules D •

When the world feels overwhelming, I am beyond grateful that you're in it!


Your vision of the world coupled with your life experience feels like an ancient wisdom that brings me back to the roots I had lost of my life journey.


Your teachings have truly helped me find balance and calm that I utilize now in my daily life.

• Amee F •

Olivia gets what it's like to try to co-parent with a counter-parenting ex: the self-doubt, the many concerns for my child.  Very very few therapists really understand what that's like and even fewer can give real, practical advice on how to navigate the impossible situations that come up. Olivia can.

She helps me understand his behavior and then make choices that prioritize the well-being of my kid and me. And keep our mother-child relationship strong.

And then she'll give you a recipe for reducing inflammation or ask you what your cycle's been like! We usually talk about relationships, parenting, emotional health- but she always reminds me that  those influence my physical health and vice versa.

• Marcy M •

I spent over a year researching and reaching out to mental health professionals in search of someone to talk with to work through some of the stuff I’m overcoming. I kept hitting road blocks and I should have taken them as a sign.

I realized that my values didn’t align with Western Medicine anyway and the answer I was seeking was in my insta feed the whole time!


I’ve been working with Olivia for over a season and it's been so helpful for better understanding myself and the relationships around me. I started with one of her classes where she demonstrated how much knowledge she has to share and her private sessions provide an opportunity to dive deep into the murky waters of the self.  


She’s a safe harbor, I’m grateful that she has crossed my path and serves as my teacher during this phase of life.



• Maisha C •

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