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Creating with our hands is a moving meditation: the tactility and rhythmic motions
let us move out of our brains and into the senses.
This 'handwork' also connect us
to all of our ancestors who lived in communion with the land
and made all or most of what they wore and used. 

I designed these camps give older kids* the space and support to process the traumatic events of the past year while creating beauty with their own hands. 

Each camp theme is a container for a week of myths and legends, games, 
meditations, magic, sacred space and nature exploration, gently guiding kids to release all that they've been holding in and re-connect to their innate, untouchable power. 

Classes are virtual, with movement breaks every hour or more.
Audio-only periods will encourage campers to look away from their screens
and we will have lunch breaks from noon-1 when we'll close up our computers entirely.

Click on a theme to learn more.

*Kids must be 10+ and able to thread a needle on their own



When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts,

the circle of Creation is completed inside us,

the doors of our souls fly open

and love steps forth to heal everything in sight.

•Michael Bridge•