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+ counsel

+ somatic guided drawing

+ herbal consultations

+ womb healing 

+ menstrual &

postpartum planning

+ plant meditations

+ craft & art therapy

+ dream medicine

+ nervous system repair

+ Yin/Yang harmonizing

+ rites of passage

+ finding plant allies

& medicine making

• Expertise •

+ regulating your nervous system for less contraction and more spaciousness

+ accessing the empowering and qualities of Nature and

Nature-based ancient modalities

+  disengaging from the internalized, disempowering patterns of the dominant paradigm

+ parenting and homeschooling strategies that center the child/ren's nervous system/s as well as yours

+ holding a container of warmth, compassion, and acceptance.

I believe we’re at a transitional point in history where people

are recognizing that modern societies have abandoned many of the fundamental elements required for optimal human mental health.

•Bruce D. Perry•

My values


  • Freedom of Speech

I’m an empathetic listener. My role is not to judge, police, or change your views, but to hold them as one aspect of you that helps me to better understand the whole. I aim to model the acceptance that I want to see more of in the world. 


  • Freedom of Emotion

There's no such thing as wallowing or blaming or negativity or 'victim mentality' here- everything is allowed, everything provides valuable information. Does this mean I encourage you to stay in patterns that are limiting and uncomfortable? No. It means that the way to the other side is through accepting and listening to these challenging voices- not through rejecting them.

The path to radically accepting yourself requires first accepting all parts of yourself. 


  • Space Holding & Empowerment

Only you can heal yourself, only you can transform your life. I won’t take that away from you, As someone who knows this path well, I'll share my insight, while also empowering you to be your own best healer.  Take what works for you and leave the rest.

  • Nature's Superior Wisdom

Nature is smarter than us in every way- her rhythms and complex sets of interwoven balances and counterbalances, in her astounding diversity. When we get blinded by our own cleverness we create problems. But there's no problem that can't be solved by watching and learning from Nature.

  • Working Outside the System

There are incredible people and hacks within the system, and there are incredible people and hacks outside of the system. What I've found in my own life is that finding the right person for you has little do with their qualifications- and everything to do with where they've been and where they're going.

I've studied Traditional Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, trauma and the nervous system, indigenous birthing and postpartum traditions, and gentle parenting. I've homebirthed and homeschooled and rewilded. I've never wanted to become an expert in any single field- for me it's all been about collecting pieces of the puzzle of what's wrong with humanity. Where did we get off the track our distant, healthy ancestors laid out for us and how do we get back on? This, I hope, illustrates why we need people working outside of the system just as much as we need the people within it.

However, if you aren't comfortable working with someone without letters after their name, then I'm not the person for you.

If you're curious about whether or not we'd be a good fit for each other, you can email me to set up a short, free discovery call.


These are the ways of our ancient grandmothers,

the ancient ones who still live. These Wise Women are one with all life

as they tread the ever-changing spiral.


Every pain, every plant, every stone, every feeling, every problem is cherished as a teacher: not a teacher who grades, but a teacher who guides.


Night is loved for darkness and the stars. Day is loved for light and the sun. Uniqueness is our treasure, not normalcy. Our universe includes all;

it is both/ and, not either/ or.

This is a wise woman way the world round.


•Susun Weed, Healing Wise•


What Clients Say

I spent over a year researching and reaching out to mental health professionals in search of someone to talk with to work through some of the stuff I’m overcoming. I kept hitting road blocks and I should have taken them as a sign.

I realized that my values didn’t align with Western Medicine anyway and the answer I was seeking was in my insta feed the whole time!


I’ve been working with Olivia for over a season and it's been so helpful for better understanding myself and the relationships around me. I started with one of her classes where she demonstrated how much knowledge she has to share and her private sessions provide an opportunity to dive deep into the murky waters of the self.  


She’s a safe harbor, I’m grateful that she has crossed my path and serves as my teacher during this phase of life.

• Maisha C •

I am so grateful for Olivia's unique offerings and the way she holds space for us to remember.


She makes the simple and accessible profound and healing.

• Sheerlie R •

Thank you you for bringing this to the world. 

So much of what you shared with my daughter is aligned with how we live AND hearing it from you, and her having her own experience with you was powerful for her.


Your energy and the tone was also aligned for her and how she was able to integrate it.

I am grateful for YOU!

• Jules D •

When the world can feel overwhelming, I am beyond grateful that Olivia is in it!


Her vision of the world coupled with her life experience feels like an ancient wisdom that brings me back to the roots I had lost of my life journey.


Her teachings have truly helped me find balance and calm that I utilize now in my daily life.

• Amee F •

After your initial appointment, packages of 4 or more hourlong sessions
are available at the rate of $100/ 60min session.
If the pricing above is prohibitive for you, please reach out- sliding scale rates are available.


O P E N - E N D E D   S E S S I O N S

• To begin an ongoing relationship, it is recommended to start with the Intake Consultation •


Scroll down for the menu of services

What to expect:

Most of my clients gravitate towards conversational, insight sessions,

with specific therapies brought in as desired.

For those preferring more hands-on work, I have a menu of services below that are activity-based and some- like craft or art therapy- that meld the two. 

Pricing below is for zoom or telephone sessions.

House calls are available in NELA for an additional $50/session.

 How to get started: 


Choose an open-ended single session or a pre-designed package.

*Please note: the available times in this booking service are not always accurate.


You can book this way and I'll contact you to either confirm or reschedule


reach out to and I'll help you personally.*

Everything in your life is medicine.


Everything is an invitation.


Any symptom or discomfort you experience- illness, fatigue, despair, limiting beliefs, dissociation, menstrual issues, conflict, trauma, etc-

any issues at all are just invitations to the places within that want

your attention, shining light on where change is needed.

My work is to help you approach these invitations in a way that creates the most harmony and least imbalance for your body, mind, and spirit.

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