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G R O U P   S E S S I O N S

Whoever wishes to investigate medicine should proceed thus:

In the first place, consider the seasons of the year and what effect each of them produces.



Healing in community is something special. The act of healing is not linear


This group course will meet twice a month to 


Does wellness feel tedious to you? Lonely? Futile? Feelings like these are to be expected if you're following someone else's orders or striving to correct test results- maybe you're just plain overwhelmed.

The truth that gets lost so often in the day to day of trying to be a well and balanced person is that feeling good is supposed to feel good. In fact, feeling good is a symptom of feeling good!

Wellness, then, can be a process of finding what feels good.

Wellness today is unnecessarily complex. 

Nutrients, hormones, symptoms, diagnoses, medicines, etc, etc: there's so much to keep track of. These are the trademarks of healing from the head down; when the mind determines what needs to happen and why. 

When you divide the components of human health into countless nutrients, hormones, functions, diagnoses and so on, keeping track of so many moving parts can feel stressful and disheartening. And then if something changes in your symptoms, you may feel the need to learn a whole new set of terms. Altogether, it's incredibly disempowering. 

My own wellness journey began with a tornado of tests and data, confounding (and often contradictory) lists of nutrients to consume- and mounting doctor's bills that did not make me feel well at all.

My revelation came when I discovered that I was doing things the hard way. When I learned that health is our natural state and it's illness that we create. Wellness is not an elusive stream you need to find- you're already standing in it (I know that this may sound absurd depending on the stage you're in), you just need to stop blocking the flow.

Is this easy? No, I didn't say that! But it is simple. 

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