Stress is not
a natural state.

Stress is your body
guiding you
to a natural state. 

Are you ready
to follow?


Cortisol Cleanse

moon cycles of medicine* and magic* for your nervous system

* medicine refers to nourishment and practices that are nurturing to the body, mind and spirit.

* magic refers to anything that brings us into connection with the unseen.

Enter a recurring 30-day voyage of deep

nervous system healing: herbal practices,

ancient wisdom, meditations and straight up

magical goodness and love for your ragged nerves!


In time with the waning and waxing energies

of the Moon, we'll address internal and external

causes of stress through the lens of traditional medicine: Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Western Herbalism and other indigenous sciences

from around the world.

Learn to understand how your stress

is communicating with you through your:



•circulation and heart

•lower chakras


•and more


Nurture a more mutually-supportive connection to your body and the world it lives in.

Repeat as needed and go a little deeper,

get a little more resilient every time.

What you Get

  • 28-30 straight days of nervous system healing practices and meditations

  • Daily posts in text and audio format with activities corresponding to the current phase of the Moon

  • Guidance for tending to your nervous system at the root as well as the surface level 

  • Journaling, breathing practices and movement

  • Meditations in audio format

  • Entry-level membership in a course that will continue to expand and evolve

  • An introduction to the basics of ancient, intuitive healing and plant medicine

Wheat Field


Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by our adrenal glands. Like every other element or action of our bodies, it is a necessary part of a complexly beautiful system. 

In excess, though, cortisol is linked to many health issues, including:

• mood swings and depression

• weight gain

• irregular or ceased periods (amenorrhea) 

• excess heat/inflammation in the face and body

• heart pounding even at rest

• unusually strong thirst

• headaches or migraines

• depressed immune system and metabolism

• reduced cognitive function

• premature signs of aging

If you experience three or more of these symptoms, then the Cortisol Cleanse will help.

Our cortisol levels are a reflection of the times we live in and the lives we lead. It isn't something we can just eliminate from our systems (nor would we want to), but we can foster habits that reduce our bodies' need for it. 

With the Cortisol Cleanse, we will foster those habits one day at a time, in easy, 10-minute chunks (more or less) of information and action.

At the end of 30 days, you'll have gained a new approach to stress and tools that will last a lifetime.

BUT~ since decades of damage can't be undone in one month, you'll be able to revisit the course over and over to support the new habits you're establishing.

This course is perfect for you if...

  • you've 'tried everything' and are still struggling.

  • you're eager to go deep to unwind and rewrite stress patterns.

  • finding solutions outside of mainstream medicine excites you.

  • you want to give your body the time it needs.


This isn't the course for you if....

  • you're resistant to ancient approaches to wellness

  • approaching physical/ mental/ spiritual/ emotional health together creates discomfort

  • are waiting to be healed by someone else.

  • are looking for overnight results

Close Up of Poppies




Plant Allies
for your 
Nervous System


+ lemon balm

+ oatstraw*

+ nettle*

+ chamomile*

+ catnip

+ st. john’s wort

+ skullcap

+ blue vervain

+ lavender*

+ passion flower


+ holy basil

+ shatavari

+ schisandra

+ eleuthero

+ turmeric

+ ashwagandha

+ reishi

+ cordyceps

+ rhodiola

+ lion’s mane

**Starred herbs are generally considered safe during pregnancy in moderation
Check with your doctor before using.**

How it Works

  • Register at the link provided~ orientation will be opened on Friday, May 21st

  • Order a supply of herbs (details below) to carry you through the month. Directions for working with them will be in the orientation. Feel free to get a head start!

  • The first 7-day phase of the course will go live on May 25th, just ahead of the full moon on the 26th. Each subsequent phase will go live timed with the half moons and new moon and full of practices that work with the lunar energies of each phase.


  • Commit to yourself to check in daily and do the journaling, meditation, breathing practice or activity assigned. And then forgive yourself if you miss a day~ you can always come back to it on the next moon cycle.

  • Rinse and repeat!

What You'll Need

  • Herbs! We'll be drinking delicious plant infusions every day, so pick an herb or two from each of the two categories below++ and stock up. About 30 tablespoons total (all combined) will be enough for a daily quart.

  • Time and space to dedicate to yourself every day. Your results will be a reflection of your commitment. The daily practices will be short to support you in making self-nurturing a part of your daily routine.

  • But at the same time.... release expectations and judgment! Expectations and judgment are ripe soil for cortisol. Choose patience and gentleness instead.

++ Please note that most of the herbs below are contraindicated during pregnancy. Those that are considered safe are marked. ++



The Cortisol Cleanse includes:
• four audio guided meditations aligned with
the energy of each lunar quarter
• one audio guided plant meditation to use
throughout the course
• an entire moon cycle (28 days) of nervous system supporting practices and information,
available in text and audio formats
• a journal question each day to center you within
the current energy and support your nervous system
• ancient wisdom from Ayurveda and
Traditional Chinese Medicine
• vivid diagrams to make these abstract concepts more concrete
• practices touching on nutrition, hormones,
movement and breathing exercises  
• a beginning and end self-assessment to map your progress and what you want to focus on next
• lifetime access to a course that you can re-visit again and again

Price: $80


::Frequently Asked Questions::

Q. I'm pregnant. Can I still take this course?

A. You can, but with adjustments! As you may have noticed above, most adaptogens and nervines are best avoided during pregnancy. While this advice is probably based on concentrated supplements, rather than culinary herbs, your personal healthcare professional is the best person to advise you as to what's appropriate in your particular situation. 

That said, practicing self-regulation and strengthening your connection with Nature (and Mama Moon~ of course!) are crucial skills to develop for birth and parenthood. Additionally nettle is an esteemed herb for pregnancy and birth. In other words- yes! There's still a lot here even if your herb choices are limited- and the course will be yours forever so you can come back when you're cleared to experiment more freely!

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. You can try the Cortisol Cleanse for the first six days and explore the orientation module and the first moon phase module. You won't experience a significant change in your stress levels in this short time period, of course, but it will give you a sense of my methods and how the rest of the course will proceed.  You are eligible for a full refund of the amount you paid if you reach out to cancel your membership before the end of Day 6. 

Q. Can I take the course more than once?

A. I hope you will! Nurturing our connections to Self, Spirit and Earth is a cyclical path of many layers that are always unfolding. This course will be available for you to continue exploring moon after moon, or to dip into whenever you need a little extra support.


Q. Do I have to start on the full moon?

A. You can also start on the new moon, but because of the way the course flows, it's best to start at one
or the other (rather than in between).


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