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White WIld Flowers

You are a cyclical being in a linear world-
a wild ecosystem within a society
that expects you to behave like a machine.

Holding onto your vitality within this paradigm is a challenge, but not impossible. 

You can cultivate sustainable, innate wellness when you  see the incongruencies of our civilization for what they are and begin to let your true nature lead the way.

This is Wild Wellness.

You are a monster.

Your wellness, your wholeness, your ability to make and defend choices for yourself and your children: these make you a threat to the powers that be, our ruling system.

o Does health feel like a long list of things you're
supposed to do 'or else'?

o Do the illnesses that run in your family feel inevitable?

o Do your modes of taking care of your health swerve
between Gwyneth and frat boy?

o Or have you committed to one of those extremes and are aware that it's becoming unsustainable?

If any of these sound like you, then I invite you to think about how humans thrived (for many millennia) before capsules, powders, step counters, stethoscopes, insurance, 

I don't mean Medieval Europe, where life was famously short and miserable (they were killing all the healers, after all).... I mean before and beyond that. 

I mean the people who lived so intimately with the rhythms and elements of Nature that, as with spirituality, their wellness was just another expression of how they lived.

They lived their lives as microcosms of Nature
and their resilience and contentment flowed from this reciprocal relationship. 

Yours can too.

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Natural Medicine
Closeup of Leaf

The truth is that Nature is always moving toward balance and when we move with her, we do too. Nature is balance.... and we are Nature.

Struggling against this natural order of the world and of our selves only perpetuates our own suffering. 

In Wild Wellness, I'll teach you the ancient ways of treating your body like the ecosystem it is, while also untangling all the ways you're unknowingly getting in the way of your own vibrant health you deserve.

::Wild Wellness::
monthly membership includes


Meet online weekly to learn about the seasonal energies at play and learn practices for moving with them.


Meet monthly to make herbal medicine- the tangible expression of balance- together, in our separate kitchens.


Every month includes worksheets, journal questions and inspiration to help you stay rooted in Earth energies.


As you learn the elemental language of Nature- and see it reflected in yourself- you'll begin to regenerate.

Embark on a New Relationship
with Yourself

Balance, for the ancients, was found in the examples of day and night, the ebb and flow of the tides and the moon, the abundance and scarcity of summer and winter, the intricacy of the many life cycles in constant flux around them. To maintain equanimity within these cycles required observation, fluidity, and humility.

They expressed the complex energies that wove their lives together with deceptively simple systems. A few of those systems- the Wheel of the Year, the Chakras and the Yin/ Yang- have become the three pillars of Wild Wellness . 


summer youth fire.png

In Wild Wellness, these will be our guides, teaching us to understand Nature's language through every month of every season around the year.

This is the path of returning to a Nature-centered life.

This kind of life is the path of vitality and innate resilience. In other words, health.


Heal From the Ground Up

Wild Wellness is....

• remembering how to move with Nature's interwoven rhythms and learning how to stop struggling against them.

• moving with the distinct energies of the seasons

• seeing imbalance, unwellness and pain as information from our bodies and invitations to greater understanding of ourselves.

• taking full responsibility for our own vitality... including asking for help when needed.

• becoming familiar with death in order to live more fully.

• radical, intuitive, consistent self-care.

• seeing ourselves as microcosms of Nature, rather than locked in conflict with it.

• where physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness become indistinguishable.

• the way our ancestors thrived for millennia without experts.


When You Join, You'll Get....

• An hour-long meet-up every week to keep your wellness front and center and steadily deepening your body fluency. Meetings will be recorded, but you'll get the most out of them when you show up in person.

• A monthly gathering where we will make herbal medicine together for the months and energies

• The opportunity to pair up with accountability partners between weekly meetings.

• Detailed seasonal and monthly information on the energies of the season that will be mirrored in your own body.

• Printable trackers, charts and encouragement that bring your new knowledge out of the virtual realm and into your real life.

• The knowledge and power to be your own best healer.

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