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A strong, nuanced sense of self and a nervous system that can roll with life's ups and downs

are the best assets any child can have- but you're not likely to find these subjects 

on their school curriculum. 

Children who know themselves and their reactions will be better equipped

to navigate any terrain they find themselves in. And it's up to parents to provide it.


That's why I created The Circle.

Girl in the Fields_edited.jpg

The Circle is a nature- and craft- oriented
class where kids will have fun immersing themselves
in wonder of nature* and leting that wonder inspire them
as they draw, paint, weave, write, sew, and more.

At a deeper level, though, they'll also be deepening their self-awareness, expanding their social-emotional toolboxes, and beginning to understand their nervous systems.

*for virtual students, this may take the form of independent exploration and sometimes a bit of foraging before class!

 The Circle is a space to explore: 


• personas

• confidence

• relationships

• social cues

• regulation tools

• self-worth

• intuition

• strength

• dreams

• goals

• frustrations

• emotions

• community

• expectations

• triggers

• disagreement

• judgement

• & more



 Through the practice of: 


• creativity

• nature

• movement

• play

• discussion

• guided meditation

• & more


Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

-Rachel Carson-


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