Wild Wellness: September

The days and energy are dwindling throughout the Northern hemisphere (while, incongruously, everything in the Southern hemisphere lengthens and expands), as the sun prepares for his reduced hours on the other side of the Fall Equinox. Crops are ripening, paces slowing, and everywhere in Nature, resources are being stored in preparation for the long stillness of winter.

When humans were still rooted in our innate intelligence, we knew to mimic these seasonal cues of Nature, because we knew ourselves to be part of Nature .

Modern humans, on the other hand, are committed to actually working harder than the sun and will continue setting their alarms to the same times and working the same deadening hours, even as they wonder why they aren't happier or healthier.

So often, the answers we seek really are right under our noses. In this case, the answers are everywhere- except in the places we've trained ourselves to look. The answers are in the habits of the plants and animals in our neighborhoods, in the phases of the moon, the changing of the seasons and in the wise or uncooperative (depending on your perspective) inclinations of our own bodies.

But if you want to reconnect to the natural rhythms that are your human birthright- what are, in some cultures, called our 'original instructions'- there's an incredible amount of societal debris to haul away before you can see your way through, millennia of misdirection to untangle.

It helps to have a guide.

With that, I'd like to introduce the first of a 12-month series of printable guides, aimed at deepening your connection to the wild wellness that lives inside you, struggling to be heard over your civilized dissonance.

September always feels like a beginning to me- the off-ramp from the big, loud, relentless energies that summer and our modern world have in common, and into the quieter space of fall and winter. September invites us to start putting our foot on the brake and return to the cyclical ways that Nature is waiting for us to remember.

All you have to do is accept her invitation.....

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