Self-Care Advent, Day 9 : : The Advent Within the Advent

Today I'm just going to introduce you to someone we all really need to know: Katy Bowman, the godmother of Nutritious Movement.

If you haven't heard of Nutritious Movement, it is, in a nutshell, a way of healing our bodies from the effects of captivity (ie modern life with it's comforts that prevent our bodies from getting the diversity of movement they were designed for and require). Our ancestors moved in a lot of ways that we don't on both micro (your skin and the bones in your feet) and macro (the walking, climbing, hauling, etc that we don't get nearly enough of) levels. Katy is a master at uncovering these lost movements and creating ways for people to recover these skills and mobilities.

I don't know her personally- I'm just a reverent acolyte. But she has such an important message to share that I wanted to make sure you hear it too.

Something Katy offers every year to encourage more people to move in more ways is an Exercise Advent (like I said, she inspires me ; ). So here is your advent within an advent (notice the links to her last six years of advents too!) so you can get your nourishing self-care with a serving of nutritious movement.

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