Self-Care Advent, Day 4 : : Yoni Herbs

Do you believe the 'no pain, no gain' mantra of life and healing? This has been so thoroughly instilled in most of us that we become suspect that anything that feels good could be truly healing. That might be nice, we think, but I need something that works.

Well, my mantra of life and healing is 'feeling good is a symptom of feeling good'. Nature designed us to recognize what is good for us by how it makes us feel. Nature designed our bodies to keep us safe by letting us know when something 'doesn't feel right'. Your body knows better than anyone else what is or isn't good for you.

I have yet to meet a body that doesn't love Yoni Steaming! It feels indulgent AND it's also the best way to reduce period cramps, regulate your cycle and release any tissue your uterus is hanging on to.

Today, Erlinda Denise, founder of Girl Gang Steaming, has generously agreed to share the recipe for her herbal yoni steaming blend.

Who is Erlinda? She shares: I am the daughter of the Seven Sisters and enjoy circling with women in ceremony. I have been steaming my yoni for 6 years and have gathered with women all over the Los Angeles area in steaming circles. Due to the pandemic we have brought our circles remotely and created larger sacred spaces.

Holding space and speaking honestly about our vulva health is important to me. I hope to share time and space with all those on this journey!

@girlgangsteaming on Instagram

And here is her recipe!


Mugwort 1tsp

Lavender 1/2 tsp

Bay Leaves 1tsp

Peppermint 1tsp

Citrus Peel 1tsp

Rose 1/2tsp

Combine all ingredients in a bowl.

Mix together with hands while visualizing and speaking healing words

and prayers into your blend.

Store unused herbal blend in cupboards or dark spaces.

Enjoy this sweet Medicine dear ones. And enjoy the Medicine of feeling g o o d!

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