Self-Care Advent, Day 3 : : Practical Magic

Celena and I went to Green Witch school together and I'm always profoundly inspired by the beauty she brings into and shares with the world. She's an artist, Medicine Woman and magical, wild creature- see her links at the bottom of the page for a glimpse at what she creates.

When Celena recently shared a few words about consecrating her new iPad, it grabbed my attention right away because so many of us tend consider technological devices as outside of the realms of magic or nature. Her wisdom reminded me that that's only true if we let it be.

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Celena!! I think it's time I properly blessed my car!

And now, in her own words, step by step instructions for blessing and consecrating digital tool or any other belongings you want to be in right relationship to:

𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 is the process of connecting with a physical object to give it a specific intentional purpose -or- consciously giving it a meaning.

This process can also involve burning old contracts and clearing previous energy, making space to listen to the tool’s higher spirit for messages and creating new beneficial contracts that involve specific ways of interacting and caring for each.

I find this to be very helpful when I welcome a tool into my life that I will be utilizing tons or that I'd like to create a special bond with.

I've done this with most of my healing tools such as my native American flute, rattle, feather wand, drum, crystals, certain clothes and jewelry. And I also just did this with my iPad & digital pencil I got this summer…which felt really significant to do.

Why? Well initially it was because I felt a strong knowing and urge that I needed to do this the moment I brought it into our home. It had such a presence already that 𝒏𝒐𝒕 doing this felt like it would cause a level of chaos (disorganization).

And I’m not one to have tons of devices around me but because this tool was an investment for my business and its going to be something I’ll be using often, I wanted to bring tons of intentionality to it.

It's like letting a wild animal into your home that you know is going to stay. There needs to be a sense of structure, attunement and roles understood so that the best possible outcome can take place for both.

So yeah... I created an intentional sacred space to burn any detrimental energy or unconscious agreements and to create a conscious relationship with my new iPad & Pencil (now with new names).

This sacred space was a place to

𝟏. clear out old energy & bless in new energy

𝟐. conduct & declare my intentions for how I will utilize this tool for my creative expression & career AND

𝟑. a place to listen to higher messages from its consciousness & mine so that I'm also open to possibilities that I wouldn't have even considered alone...(they did come through & they were very supportive).It was powerful.

There are many traditional ways to go about consecrating an object, and in many cultural practices it can be quite dogmatic in my opinion, however I really do see the importance of many key components. The most important thing to note is that you are clear with your intention from the beginning and you set a container for this to take place. How I have been taught, which I now adjust my “how” intuitively to fit each occasion, is to speak your intention for it, bless it and let it pass through each element, and seal the act by bringing it to your heart. Here's a map of what I do.

  1. Gather your elements and tools you will be consecrating (Earth: a bowl of Salt, Water: a bowl of Water, Candle for Fire, Air: fanning a feather or using your breath)

  2. Take a few moments to write down your intentions. Things like what you would like as your relationship dynamic with your objects and what you would like for yourself in the near future.

  3. Place everything out in front of you as you would if you are creating an alter. I like to place them on a special mat or cloth. Place your four elements in a circle. Place your tools/electronics on the left of that circle.

  4. Cast a sacred container. I like to do this by taking deep breaths, connecting with my heart and body, calling in spiritual guidance, addressing the seven directions (east, south, west, north, above, below, heart center), and finally lighting a candle as a symbol of saying “and now it is so.”

  5. Take a moment to bless each of your elements by putting your hand over each one and sending it love.

  6. Now take the time to go through each tool one by one to speak your intentions. I really like to leave room to also listen to see if there is more there for me and have a journal next to me to write any intuitive messages down. Then pass it through each of the elements by rubbing the salt on it, sprinkling it with water (for electronics, I hover over the water), passing it through the heat of the candle, and either breathing on it or fanning it with a feather.

  7. Then bring your now blessed tool to your heart and connect with it by being very present, feeling your heartbeat on it and sealing your final intentions.

  8. Then place it on the right side of your four elemental circle and finalize it with a gesture that says “it is so”.

  9. Repeat this process with all of your tools. Then close your space by saying your thanks to the guidance that came through and blow out your candle. And so it is.

After I do these rituals, I always feel a massive shift in our home like everything else was listening too which created a sense of harmony and grace in the flow of my day while learning to utilize these tools with integrity.

It just felt clear.

This is everyday practical magic. Because we hold a relationship with everything whether we are conscious of it or not, these things matter and make a world of difference.

If we truly believe and tap into the reality of animism... that all that exists is alive and is fractals of the whole...and because of this, then it has a consciousness, therefore it holds information that then can be interpreted, communicated with & influenced, then we are able to create potent respectful connections with the objects, tools, animals, plants, humans & subjects in our lives.

This exists too and when you experience it, you'll understand it as a way of life as well.

Celena De Luna

Freelance Illustrator

Hand-Drawn + Digital Artwork || Honoring Life by Drawing Spirit

Custom Business Artwork || Awaken Your Brand + Allow Your Ideas to Come to Life

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