Self-Care Advent, Day 19 : : Sacred Plant Bath

Marcia Lopez is a high priestess of the womb and its magic. She has been tending to wombs- possibly the body part most neglected by modern medicine, particularly in proportion to its vital role- with massage and yoni steaming for many years and when she speaks, I listen. Today she is speaking to all of us and sharing her Solstice magic.....

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Connection is an integral part to the work that I do as a holistic reproductive wellness practitioner.

Connection to self and to the environment.

As we approach the Winter Solstice this is an opportune time to connect fully with the cosmos.

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year, think of it as your chance to take the longest bath of the year in the darkness of the Milky Way galaxy.

My trainings in Shamanism and my explorations into Tantric practices have afforded me the perspective that the womb embodies the deep dark energy of the center of the galaxy and the darkness of our Earth. The womb is the portal, our inner star gate, where we all come from and it’s energy aligns with the center portals of the galaxies.

It’s a lot of energy.

How do we ground? How do we care for ourselves when this kind of vastness can encompass us and be within us?

Again connection.

I referenced the ability to take the longest bath of the year in the darkness of the galaxy on the Winter Solstice- baths are a great way to facilitate connection to self at any time and especially good to connect and embody the energies of the Solstice and every other seasonal change.

Sacred baths, ritualistic baths, and intentional baths have roots in every culture and many spiritual practices.

They can be elaborate and they can be very simple.

My favorite ritualistic baths are those I do with the plants in my environment.

The giant eucalyptus trees in my neighborhood park dropped branches and I was lucky enough to gather a few, I took them home, dried them, then boiled them with prayer, strained them and poured them into my bath and had a magnificent trans dimensional journey of the imagination.

My beloved’s land is covered in creosote, I gathered and dried it, boiled it, said prayers and poured the water over me when I didn’t have access to a bath. You can bring the pot to the shower, cool it down slightly, and you can start with pouring cupfuls of the herbal water on your feet, legs, belly, chest, arms, and work your way up to the crown of your head, all the while keeping the sacred intentions that can be amplified at the Winter Solstice.

You can do these baths in the dark with just a candle.

If you are unsure of the plants in your neighborhood, salt is an excellent addition to baths. Salt can purify and amplify any prayer. It’s also good for the skin.

But I do urge you to learn what is around you that you can cultivate for sacred medicine and for connection with cosmic energy at this time.

When taking this sacred time set the intention to connect your deep inner wisdom, that of your womb, your blood, your cells (if you do not have a womb) and connect it with the wisdom of the cosmos.

The lessons learned and heard can be subtle. Or they can be very direct.

This reconnection to the rhythms of the earth and cosmos can enhance our wellness in countless ways.

It changes us.

It decolonizes us.

It heals us.

And it can cost close to nothing but your simple willingness to connect.

I hope this simple share inspires you to have a more profound connection with the Earth and Cosmos on this Winter Solstice. May you always be able to see the light within you and in others.

Have a blessed Solstice.

~ Marcia Lopez

Women’s True Healing

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