Self-Care Advent, Day 18 : : Micro Self-Care

I've learned so much about self-care in the past 18 days. For me, it's never been about getting facials and manicures- those aren't the things that get my oxytocin pumping. Self-Care for me is, as you already know, about soup and nature and quality time. Self-Care isn't about how I look, it's about how I feel.

Ironically, a lot has come up the past few weeks, leaving me too busy to enjoy every practice. I've missed a lot of my own advent calendar! What this has taught me, though, is that I have something that I'm going to call micro self-care. Micro self-care is where I can get the maximum enjoyment out of a short evening walk, out of burying my face in my cat's fur, out of reading a novel or eating something delicious. Under the right circumstances, I can get enjoyment out of doing the dishes or helping my daughter fold her laundry. Imagine that- chores as self-care!

It's not that these things are fun. Self-care can be fun, of course, but it can also just nurture contentment; a sense of 'all's right' or at least in this little corner it is.

I guess some would just call this mindfulness or living in the moment. But I like the reframe of self-care because many still seem to equate it with beauty maintenance. The fact is, it's much less about what you're doing than how it makes you feel. And mindfulness is a term that we've been scolded with so many times that it's lost some meaning- at least it has for me.

So. I hereby trademark micro self-care™.

How can you get some of this in your life today (and tomorrow)?

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