Self-Care Advent, Day 11 : : Earth Adornment

I don't remember how I came across Courtney on Instagram, but I'm so glad I did! Her authentic life with her daughters in a wide-open pocket of California reminds me of when my daughter was younger and gives me all the feels.

As a matter of fact, making corn necklaces is something my daughter and I have done a few times over the years, though ours were just corn (and that's beautiful too- don't be deterred if you don't have a drill or the right drill bit!). I love wearing mine and carrying a bit of Earth magic around my neck and over my heart.

You'll want to follow along with Courtney's magical mothering adventures, and the dreamy childhoods of her two girls @inthetalltallgrass on Instagram!

And now she tells us how to make our own Earth jewelry:

Bless the sturdy oak and her resistance, protection, and moral. Bless the mighty acorn and it’s cosmic storehouse of wisdom. Bless the corn maidens, grandmothers of sun and light. Bless corn and it’s nourishing abundance. Corn mother adorned in rainbows and gems. What gifts earth has bestowed upon her children. Bless the darkness that is to come and the nearest star to the moon keeping the light just in reach. Bless the changing of the seasons and I say this in the name of the sun, the rain, and the holy rainbow.

As I string together this necklace I meditate, say prayers, and dive into those caves that I’ve stored away thoughts for a slower day. I process what it means to live side by side with the land as stewards. I process abundance and what that looks like in my life and how I can share with my community. I process my own emotional highs and lows and work towards always being my most authentic and truest self. While gathering the materials for this necklace I walked around our land and spoke with the trees and thanked them for the acorns. I thanked the soil for allowing my family to grow corn. I held gratitude in my heart for all the earth has given me.

For the necklace I made I am working with painted mountain corn, juniper berries, bay nuts, acorn, and ocean jasper beads. If you do not have access to these things then other options for earth necklaces could be manzanita or madrone berries, rose beads, rose hips, small pine cones, Job’s tears, walnut shell, any sea shells with holes in them, or you can even buy wooden beads and naturally dye them! Liz Spencer from @thedogwooddyer has a fantastic tutorial on how to do this.

To make earth necklaces you first need to boil your corn and juniper berries for 30mins. Strain and then set aside.

To drill a hole into your acorns and bay nuts use a 1/16 drill bit or smaller.

I used a smaller crewel needle (embroidery needle) basically you can use any needle but just keep in mind the size of the hole your drilling and the string your using. The string I used is organic hemp cord.

When you poke a hole into the corn make sure to stay close to the middle, to close to the edge and the corn will rip.

This is all the material you need so now just go ahead and get creative while making your necklaces! Try patterns or just randomly place them together. If you feel like a necklace isn’t your thing then try making a garland and hang it somewhere special. Maybe around an alter in your home?! I hope this magical earth adornment makes you feel special and held during all the seasons.

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