Halloween Beginnings & Advents

First blog post!!!

This feels kind of momentous, which means I'll never be able to articulate it to my satisfaction, soooooo- let's just keep this short and sweet, hey?

What better way to link the beginning of this blog and the 'beginning of the end' that is Halloween (before the yearly death of Winter) than with an advent calendar?

Beginnings and fresh starts all around!

While Halloween in this home is always bustling with creativity, reverence and pumpkin-centric baking, this year- the year that trick-or-treating was cruelly forbidden- calls for something special.... something different. We have a bit of a gaping hole where Halloween used to be, don't we? But fear not, Nature and I abhor a vacuum.

To redirect us all, I've created 31 days of seasonal activities, crafts, open-ended questions to muse over with your kids (or on your own- kids are not a requirement), oh and a weekly story/ movie night. Of course, me being me, there is a nature-centering and spirit-centering theme, as well as a seasonal slant towards the ancestral. This hits a little deeper than crafts for the sake of crafts.

But here I'm trying to sell you on it, when it's actually a gift!

I hope you like it, even if you just use it as a jumping-off point for your own brilliant ideas. Most of all, I hope it brings you and yours a little centering reverence through these days; a vehicle for deepening into these slower, quieter, darker days that we entered on the equinox.

And here she is!

Download PDF • 58KB

By the way, I'd love to see how you and your family follow along! If you're on Instagram, please post photos of the things you make and do and tag me @daughters_of_daughters_

Happy Halloweening, everybody!

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