Self-Care Advent, Day 13 : : Inner Space

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Today is Santa Lucia day, a ceremony of bringing light into the longest nights of the year. In pre-Christian times, though, it was more of a celebration of the depth and darkness of these times- as valuable in their own way as the long days around the Summer Solstice.

Today, I'm going to encourage you to go inward and tune out external information- including me. I can share all the self-care ideas in the world, but only you know what you're needing at any moment. When external information- even from experts- begins to disrupt the communication between body and mind, then it can do more harm than good (even with the best intentions).

So I'm taking myself out of the equation. Your self-care today is just to make time to do something that nourishes you. Your assignment is to ask yourself: what would be most nourishing right now? and then bravely follow your answers wherever they may lead you.

This is a trust building exercise between your mental and physical selves. If the idea makes you nervous, just remember to set yourself up to succeed. Start as slow and easy as possible. Just start.

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