7 Books to support a Year of Growth and Change

The Wheel of the Year is a fundamental part of the work I do with both kids and adults. Working with the flow of our planet's seasons opens up ease in all aspects of life: healing, parenting, learning, growing. Working in defiance of this flow, as most of us were raised to do, creates stress and imbalance that escalates year by year.

Let this be the year that you dodge the linear expectations of our 24/7 society and return to right relationship with Nature's cyclicality instead. Each of these books is designed to be savored over the course of a year, either season by season or month by month. This way you are able to breathe into each other and the book becomes a reliable companion and not just another thing to get through. This way the wisdom within can infuse your life slowly and steadily instead of being consumed and forgotten.

These are all treasures. Pick one or two directions you want to grow in this year and get the book/s to support you!

(There are Amazon links for each item. Of course, if you can find them used or from an independent seller, that's ideal. But if you purchase through the links provided, at least you'll be supporting a single mom as well as Jeff Bezos. It's a silver lining!)

(Notice the multiple bookmarks in each of these? These were not just culled on Amazon to fit a theme.)

1. The Witch's Herbal Apothecary by Marysia Miernowska

Can I make this one mandatory? Written by my own plant medicine teacher, this is a beautifully layered book that will make you feel so held and supported and I know you need that after this year. It's got plant and earth wisdom, recipes, practices and is also just absolutely stunning. This book is a treasure.

2. Earth Medicine by Jamie Sams

Okay, but can I also make this one mandatory? This book has been with me for years. Though it's organized with an entry for every day of the year, I use it the way my mom uses the Bible- let it open 'randomly' and that page is the (Earth) medicine you need. In this case, the medicine is messages from the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers of each moon cycle of a year.

As in her animal Medicine Cards, Jamie Sam's wisdom is rooted and strong.

3. The Language of Letting Go by Melodie Beatty

(different cover from above)

Though most people have only heard of her other book, Codependent No More, this one, with its daily format is a much gentler way to start. Or you could switch between the two. Or you could ALSO buy the card deck and read one every morning with your daughter.

What I'm trying to say is, healing co-dependence requires a multilevel approach.

(PS- these are the cards:

You're welcome. ; )

4. Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Elson M. Haas

I reference this one frequently for its practical, seasonal healing advice from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's very well-organized and helpful.

5. The Great Work by Tiffany Lazic

Do you know you need to be better resourced in the months ahead, but aren't sure exactly what you need or how to get it? This book takes you on a journey through a variety of different spiritual practices that will have you moving through life very differently a year from now.

6. Full Moon Feast by Jessica Prentice

This book is a gorgeous meditation on food, culture and community, framed by the 13 moons of a year. If you're a Nourishing Traditions fan, you'll love this too.

7. Wheel of the Year; Living the Magical Life by Pauline and Dan Campanelli

This book will infuse your year (and many years to follow) with magic and wonder. Brimming with lore, practices, crafts and spells for every month, this is the book for reconnecting to the traditions of your ancestors.

That concludes this list!

Which book/s are you getting? Would you be interested in a list of around-the-year books for kids too?

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