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MoonSisters is a monthly program for girls ages 7-12

to celebrate nature, myth, and the changing magic of the female body.

Made up of 2 separate 2-hour classes each month, we'll immerse ourselves in the rhythms of Nature to better understand the rhythms of our own bodies.

Mothers (or grandmothers, aunties, etc!) are encouraged to join the medicine making + body fluency class, creating a wealth of female leadership for girls

who will one day be women. 

Every month we'll share:

•sacred space

• a seasonal myth or story

• a handwork craft using natural- sometimes foraged!- materials, that tie into that myth or story

• a medicinal or self-care recipe to make together

• emotional intelligence development

• body fluency activities to gently

prepare girls for puberty, build empowerment

and inspire mother-daughter sharing

• and more!

In the myth+craft class, I'll share myths from around the world that represent the energies of the season- the energies at play in our own bodies and lives.


Together, we'll make a craft that transform the energies  or message of the myth into a tangible creation

of our own hands.

As children will be present, recording the classes

won't be possible.

•a journal and pencil

•colored pencils or markers


$210/ season

• for 2 people •

• three 3-hour gatherings •

• 9 hours total •

The dates for the fall session are

09.19 | 10.17 | 11.14

I began holding MoonSisters gatherings when my own daughter
was eight as a way of passing down everything I knew about herbalism
and holistic women's health in a way that was accessible for her and her peers.

I love watching mothers who were taught little to nothing about the magic of their bodies create new, more empowering patterns with their own daughters, and I'm inspired by the idea that someday these 'secrets' of womanhood will be restored to common knowledge.

This knowledge is our birthright.

• Olivia Spencer •

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